Instrumental scores

This selection favors fairly simple titles to be performed in groups. Scores may slightly differ from the audio version because they have been rewritten for other instrumentations.


• Asphalte (2012)
Perhaps the simplest piece on the disc, especially at the rhythmic level, but the theme (with its long long counterpointing is not so easy to put down.

• Page blanche (2012)
A little nod to Frank Zappa’s “Black page”. The antithesis here since only 4 chords on which I improvise. Like many songs on this album, the “ground” string is used a lot when empty.

• Two Steppin (2012)
A rather energetic track with a dominant metric in 7/8. Again the very stressed vacuum floor rope here. Typical of the accompaniment game I developed with this trio that doesn’t have a bass player (when the cello plays with a bow). My bass strings go through an octaver.


• La chatte métamorphosée en femme (2005)
I really like the melodic and harmonic progression of this grid at the end of the track. It logically increases by half a step each time it is repeated.
• La rana e il bove (2005)
A rather lively and festive title inspired by Nino Rota. He supports the Italian version of the fable “the frog and the ox”. Also covered as a duo on the 2G record.

phileas band

• Panic Balkanic (2000)
A real festival of odd metrics for this very Eastern European-oriented title. Very few chords but a rather rich counterpoint writing between the guitar and the soprano saxophone.

• Petit coup de blues (2000)
This title is based on a fairly extensive set of intervals. Blues spirit with harmonic development. Finger play is recommended here, even pick + fingers. Also covered as a duo on the 2G record.

new trio

• Handyman (1996)
Very Scofieldian spirit with a medium tempo, “second line” atmosphere. Theme A switches between D7 and Bb7 major to conclude with a chromatic movement. The B is a bit of a funk riff.

• Dosila (1993)
A minimalist stroll composed of various intervals. The basses often respond to the melody in offset. At first thought of as a simple track for solo guitar.

abus (dangereux)

• Manèges (1991)
The theme that opens this album is intended to be singing, like a popular ritornello inspired by Nino Rota or Carla Bley. The final coda offers a beautiful harmonic progression that rotates in a loop. This title is reproduced in another form on the record “Pick’s Dilemma”.
• Ascenseur pour les chameaux (1991)
A theme in the form of a “jazz standard” built on a chromatic bass progression. This title had been selected in the “real book français”: Le livre du jazz en france (éditions Outre Mesure)
• Are you sleeping (1988)
A nod to the nursery rhyme “Brother Jacques”, the quote of which can be recognized from the beginning. The final coda offers a different harmonic cadence. All this on a fairly fast shuffle. Live video here.
• Baby sitter (1988)
A nice 3/4 walk, a bit like a tribute to John McLaughlin when I wrote it.
• Vanille chocolat (1986)
A rather simple 4/4 track with a grid that highlights a magnificent solo by trumpeter Randy Brecker on the album.
• Voyage sans étiquettes (1983)
This long sequence of more than 20 minutes then occupied the entire second side of the vinyl. Cut into several parts, here is the first one (more “jazz”) and another one that proposed an odd theme in 15/16.

These scores are available free of charge for private or group use. Feel free to come back to me (contact) if you are looking for other titles. Any commercial use must be requested in advance.

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