Educational and artistic residencies

For many years, the guitarist has been working on projects with conservatories and orchestras. These works are focused around a specific aesthetic and concern all ensembles, from small formations to symphony orchestras

Starting music quite late, Pierrejean Gaucher (who likes to define himself as an organized autodidact) has forged his technique and experience over the years. And if he has not known the usual curriculum of conservatories and competitions that validates him, he is nevertheless regularly invited to design educational and artistic projects in their countries. This type of project is based on:

precise objectives: to allow students of the various classes (and orchestras) to discover or rediscover a particular musical aesthetic, through arrangements specially written for them. Also, encourage meetings with professional artists (guitarist and teachers) as part of a shared concert marking the completion of the project.

• a comfortable period: a project often lasts several months – first meetings in the fall, monthly rehearsals and interventions, then a “creation” concert in the spring. This timetable provides a real opportunity for progress.

motivated students: from small jazz or contemporary music groups to wind ensembles, strings or harmony orchestras, 3rd cycle (or even end of 2nd cycle) students are especially in demand.

adapted writing: the arrangements are written according to the number of students present at the beginning of the school year. Each “creation” is assigned a dedicated page on the guitarist’s website. During the year, participants (teachers and students) will find all the necessary elements for the progress of the project (scores, scores, midi and audio files, musicological references)

examples of recent projects: rereading English pop, Frank zappa’s explosive universe, Phonetics and music, and since 2018, Erik Satie‘s universe.

Download the presentation file on Satie.


in residency at the conservatories of:

  • Bourg en Bresse (2018)
  • Genève (2016)
  • Bobigny (2016)
  • Saint Raphael (2015)
  • Saint Etienne (2015)
  • Montélimar (2014)
  • Blois (2014)


And older ones, the music conservatories of Annecy, Macon, Metz, Chambery, Chalon sur Saône, Tourcoing, Voiron, Villiers sur Marne, Cahors…

créa “Uncle Zappa” (2014)

créa “Symphonic Pudding” (2014)