my home studio

is simple, but comfortable and cosy. It allows me to design and finalize many projects, starting with my own records and various types of musical commissions

Passionate about the emerging technology of MIDI in the 80s, I quickly incorporated machines into my musical universe. It was first one of the first musical computers (the CX-5 Yamaha) that I used on stage as early as 1985, with its share of cold sweats when the program on K7 didn’t want to charge! After the unavoidable stage of the Atari 1040, I finally switched to the Mac world in the 90s, equipping myself with one of the first direct-to-disk systems.

From then on, all my albums will benefit from this creative tool which gives me great freedom of work, whether for instrument taking, editing, mixing, sometimes even mastering. This experience accumulated over the years has enabled me to offer my services to other artists, directors and audiovisual directors through diverse and enriching collaborations.

My basic equipment consists of a Protools system, connected to an Apollo (Universal Audio) interface, with many sound processing tools. I compose and write on Sibelius with various orchestral banks. Feel free to contact me for any questions and suggestions.

Recent achievements

  • Album production: arrangements, recording and mixing (Damien Jourdan, Mamia Cherif)
  • Mastering : Bastien Ribot’s album, RP quartet…
  • Sound and image mixing: for the Châteaux de la Drôme, TV director Benoît Renard, the company K53 production
  • Soundtrack: composition and recording of the music for the Allan 2018 show “Folles tribulations pour un coeur volé”.

Music for the castle of Grignan

Recording session (voice) for Damien jourdan

Recording session (bass) for Damien jourdan

TV movie music (France 2)