NEW ALBUM “zappe satie”

Hello, you will find here various elements concerning the new album released on March 12th.

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Erik Satie, precursor of 20th century music? The evidence appeared to me after having immersed myself in the universe of this whimsical musician, out of step with his time. Contemporary music, jazz, pop-rock, songs… Many are inspired by him, knowingly or not. So, twenty years after paying tribute to Frank Zappa, I discovered that Satie was, in a way, the “spiritual grandfather” of the moustachioed genius.

Curiously, Zappa never mentioned him as an influence. Yet, having explored their respective works, I find they have a lot in common. First of all, both self-taught, they consider that the only interest in rules is to go beyond them. Also, they juxtapose all musical languages without any hierarchy, plagiarize or quote, divert, mock and constantly surprise the listener, without forgetting to laugh.

Their music jumps from one style to another, a kind of kaleidoscope whose form results from a mosaic of juxtaposed elements. In Satie’s case, there is not necessarily any semantic continuity between them. Zappa, on the other hand, will always claim this conceptual continuity, whatever the style. But in the end, both of them turn the different codes of writing and expression, in which many artists remain confined, on their head. My pleasure here (among others), was to bring them together on a few tracks. A sort of four-handed writing, even six if I modestly include myself between them. To carry out this adventure and to give a new breath to my music, I surrounded myself with young and brilliant musicians who have been making a name for themselves on the french jazz scene for several years. (ONJ, Ping Machine, PJ5, Sweet Dog, Sarab).

Tracklist and listening to the tracks available on Bandcamp

Music by PJ.Gaucher, inspired by Erik Satie (and Frank Zappa)


Pierrejean Gaucher: guitars, various instruments
Thibault Gomez: piano Fender Rhodes
Alexandre Perrot: acoustic bass
Ariel Tessier: drums
Quentin Ghomari: trumpet (2, 6, 10)
Robinson Khoury: trombone (13, 17 )
Julien Soro: saxophones, clarinet (5, 12, 14, 15)
Paul Vergier: saxophones (2)

Cover design : Julien Allegre

Clip 1/3 –  “Satie blues”

Clip 2/3 –  “Sad Satie”

Clip 3/3 –  “L’office des étoiles”