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Here you will find some scores from the CD “La Fontaine et le Gaucher”. These illustrate the work developed between music and words. Phonetics, rhythmic flow, intonation… All parameters specific to spoken language interact constantly with the music.


• Le corbeau et le renard (2005)
The duo guitar-voice harmonization (melody + bass) corresponds to track 6 of the CD. The voice was first spoken and recorded a capella, the music followed afterwards. The orchestral version (track 7) uses this base, distributed to the other instruments of the quintet.

• Le lièvre et la tortue (2005)
Perhaps the most emblematic title of the album and of this voice-music approach, quite close to Sprechgesang. This piece also pays tribute (a few quotations here and there) to Zappa’s famous “Greggery Peccary”.
• La rana e il bove (2005)
A rather lively and festive title inspired by Nino Rota. He supports the Italian version of the fable “the frog and the ox”. The placement of the voice is freer on it…
• The grasshoper and the ant (2005)
The cicada and the ant recited in English by David Linx. The score is just about the melody he sings at the end of the track, written on a grid that modulates in 12 tones.

• La cimaise et la fraction (2016)
Following the disc on fables, I wanted to continue this work on other versions. This “Cicada and the ant” Oulipo version of Raymond Queneau did not appear on disc. Unlike the previous ones, the text here is sung (and not spoken) on a melody composed beforehand.

These scores are available free of charge for private or group use. Feel free to come back to me (contact) if you are looking for other titles. Any commercial use must be requested in advance.

All titles are available on Bandcamp

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