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This tribute was hailed by the press as one of the most successful. Respecting writing style while revisiting. By zapping Zappa, Pierrejean Gaucher proposes here a superb kaleidoscope of the Zappa universe

In 1994, a French festival invited guitarist Pierrejean Gaucher to stage an evening in homage to Frank Zappa. Pierrejean was a fan of the first hour and became passionate about this project. He began by listening to the entire discography of the brilliant mustache, then extracted his favourite extracts and rearranged them for a quintet composed of some of the best jazzmen in France.

Rather than playing a few songs “the way he did”, he opted for another approach: zapping Zappa. In fact, mixing whole titles, motifs, even simple riffs, to recreate a musical kaleidoscope of the Zappaian universe, from the first “Mothers” to the latest contemporary works. Following the success of this project in many concerts and festivals, it was recorded “Live” in October 1997. A second public recording in Germany was released as a bootleg in 2002, with another team.



  • guitars : Pierrejean Gaucher et Eric Löhrer
  • bass : Daniel Yvinec – puis Jean Wellers, Benoit Vanderstraeten, Frédéric Monino, Gaby Wegh, John Silverman
  • drums : André Charlier – puis François Laizeau, Patrick Buchmann, Cyril Atef, Cédric Affre, Franck Aguhlon, David Pouradier Duteil
  • saxophones, flûte : Bobby Rangell
  • keyboards : Pierre-Alain Goualch, Benoit Sourisse, Paul Brousseau
  • guests : Didier Lockwood (violin), Marc Berthoumieux (accordion), Alain Aithnard (vocal), Eric Séva (saxophone)

Zappe Zappa rehearsal (1998)

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