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A French jazz all star to meet the guitarist’s new challenge: a new musical approach to the fables of La Fontaine

After many projects focused on instrumental music, Pierrejean Gaucher feels the need to explore new horizons, the need for a new playing field. He chooses the text and language, through the material of the “Fables”.

Their simple reading awakens the musician’s ear: the rhythmic and melodic richness of the writing inspires him with a multitude of musical approaches. Simply recited, they become singing thanks to the orchestration that follows them like a shadow, like the music of “cartoon”. Tex Avery and Frank Zappa are never far away. Funny, squeaky or poetic, they offer all possible sound directions, without stylistic barriers. Here phonetics plays with music.

An exciting approach that aims to follow with its musicians the slightest inflections of the narrators’ diction. He allows himself everything: experimentation, illustration, depth, lightness, detonating and disconnecting. Once again, Pierrejean Gaucher intrigues and succeeds in making a crazy bet that leads to this lively and poetic album…. The booklet is illustrated by 5 leading comic artists. (top banner photo: Elie Stéphane Azoulay).



  • guitars : Pierrejean gaucher
  • vocal : Arnaud Vernet
  • trombone : Jean Lucas
  • keyboards : Pierre-alain Goualch
  • drums : Cédric Affre
  • vocal : David Linx, Alain Aithnard, Luigi Rignanese, Léonore Gaucher
  • accordion : Marc Berthoumieux
  • double bass : Jean Wellers, Marc-michel Le Bevillon, Daniel Yvinec
  • keyboards : Paul Brousseau
  • trombone : Phil Abraham
  • saxophone, flûte : Bobby Rangell
  • drums : André Charlier

tournée en Chine (2007)

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