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The Americans have their G3, discover the French 2G! This duo of eclectic guitars shuffles between styles with humour

Laurel and Hardy, Tintin and Snowy… The story is not lacking examples of duets based on contrast and the mixing of genres! This is the case here with guitarists Pierrejean Gaucher and Christophe Godin, or the unexpected marriage of the (sometimes relative) finesse of jazz and the (often subtle) brutality of rock. These two brilliant guitarists therefore needed a ground for constructive and musical collaboration. Two values were essential: humour and open-mindedness. In fact, their repertoire mixes their respective universes and a few dusty covers. Electric or acoustic, clear, distorted, distorted, tampered with or looped, their instruments mix all current music.

Their only album released in 2006, blends studio shots with concert extracts collected from all over the world (Canada, Italy, Germany…). With the bonus of a magnificent 12-page colour livet in the form of a logbook.



  • guitar : Pierrejean gaucher
  • guitar : Christophe Godin

Festival des Zappanale (2002)

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