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I used to record my own titles before growing an interest for other repertoires. Also, some of my records offer re-readings of songs that have influenced me, often from British pop music.


• Walking on the moon / Police (2009)
Unlike the next one, the Melody Makers trio’s first album only featured covers of “pop-rock standards”. This version of the Police tube has a very reharmonized A and B!

• I want to vanish / Elvis Costello (2009)
No particular reharmonization on the other hand on this magnificent ballad of Costello. Just a work of adaptation to the guitar to follow the cello solo with open triads in the bass. And very happy with my solo on the record that I admit I almost wrote.

• Knights in shining karma / XTC (2009)
Few reharmos also here but a rather melody chord approach (fingers + pick) to play both the melody, and the harmonic grid which is sophisticated enough for pop. I have always considered this group to be among the best descendants of the Beatles. You will find here my handwritten guitar part.

phileas band

• Au gré des ondes / Henri Dutilleux (2000)
One day by chance I came across this little piece by the French composer Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013), the first bars of which I loved and adapted to the guitar. Then I imagined the rest and the grid to improvise on it. A very nice ballad.

• Sleep Dirt / Frank Zappa (2000)
One of the few intimate Zappa songs on acoustic guitar. I recorded it here with accordionist Marc Berthoumieux. The entire grid is based on the constant use of the D open string. In Melody Makers 2, I wrote a sequel (Sweet sleep) which this time rests on the G open string.


• Le petit oiseau de Marrakech / Nougaro-Goyone
An exception among my “british pop” covers. I started from this motif in 5/8 of the pianist Daniel Goyone that I liked. I remain quite close to Nougaro’s phrasing for the A/B sections, while adapting it to the guitar. Then I imagined this third section that goes somewhere else. I like to start from foundations that I like, then rebuild in my own way.

abus dangereux

• West Side Story / Leonard Bernstein (1986)
This work was my first “cover” on disc. I arranged excerpts from it on the whole B side of the album “Jazz’n’roll”. This is the score of the title “America”. Reharmonization in triads on bass for the main theme of the A and wild walking for the B (chromatic movements of thirteenth chords a little in the spirit of the “big band”)

These scores are available free of charge for private or group use. Feel free to come back to me (contact) if you are looking for other titles. Any commercial use must be requested in advance.

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