NEW EP “Satinédits”

Did you like the “Zappe Satie” album released in 2021? You’re sure to enjoy these 15 minutes of previously unreleased material from the same recording sessions, to be released on 1 December 2023. More info, audio and video on this private page.

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Produced by Musiclip ( 2311)

When the ‘Zappe Satie’ CD (2021) came out, I still had a bit of musical material recorded in the studio, tucked away at the back of my hard drives. As the album was already quite long, I preferred to save these tracks for later and take the time to finish them off properly. After 2 years and a number of concerts based around this repertoire, I felt the urge to come back to it. What’s more, 2025 will mark the centenary of Erik Satie’s death. A great opportunity to breathe new life into this musical project! The total duration of these unreleased tracks is fairly short (15’00), mixing full tracks with ‘interludes’, as on the previous album. Yet they offer a different and complementary facet of this repertoire and remind us that Satie considered the noise to be an element of musical language, long before Edgar Varèse.


1 / Pacific 431 – 1’00
2 / Gnossienne n°8 – 4’05
3 / Erik’s speaking – 2’03
4 / Air à faire jouir – 4’03
5 / En forme de fraise – 1’25
6 / Prélude apaisant – 1’40

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(1/2) (credit Benoit Renard)
Download 1 free photo
(2/2) (credit Benoit Renard)


Pierrejean Gaucher: guitars
Quentin Ghomari: trumpet
Thibault Gomez: piano Fender Rhodes
Alexandre Perrot: double bass
Ariel Tessier: drums
+ Marc Henri Boisse: voice (3)

Recorded by Antoine Delecroix – Mixed by Pierrejean Gaucher
Mastering by Raphael Jonin
Cover visual: Julien Allegre and Léonore Gaucher
Graphic design: Clément Aubry

New album available on CD digipack (with 8-page booklet)

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Produced by Musiclip ( 2103) – Distribution Absilone / Socadisc

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Pierrejean Gaucher has been a guitarist and composer for over forty years, he has recorded some twenty albums with various groups (Abus Dangereux, Phileas Band, 2G, Melody makers…) and is still going strong. He acknowledges the particular influence of Frank Zappa, to whom he has often dedicated tracks in his albums. Now, twenty years after his “Zappe Zappa” album, Pierrejean wants to recognize the musical universe of Erik Satie. He explains his choice :
«Erik Satie was a precursor of all 20th century music. This became obvious to me after immersing myself in this whimsical musician’s world – he was out of step with his time : Contemporary music, jazz, pop-rock, songs… many are inspired by him, knowingly or not. After paying tribute to Frank Zappa (Zappe Zappa), I discovered that Satie was, in a way ‘the spiritual grandfather of the great Moustache Man’ ».

To carry through this adventure and to give new life to his music, Pierrejean has surrounded himself with brilliant young musicians who have been making a name for themselves on the French jazz scene for several years (Orchestre National de Jazz, Ping Machine, PJ5, Sarab…). Their enthusiasm, their energy, their musical culture and their commitment to the project, combined with the repertoire written by Pierrejean, makes this one of his most accomplished albums. It brings together, through Satie, all the worlds explored in his previous recordings.

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Download 1 free photo (1/2) (credit Benoit Renard)
Download 1 free photo
(2/2) (credit Benoit Renard)
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Press extracts


Pierrejean Gaucher: guitars
Thibault Gomez: piano Fender Rhodes
Alexandre Perrot: double bass
Ariel Tessier: drums
Quentin Ghomari: trumpet (2, 6, 10)
Robinson Khoury: trombone (13, 17 )
Julien Soro: saxophones, clarinet (5, 12, 14, 15)
Paul Vergier: saxophones (2)

Recorded by Antoine Delecroix at studio Taitbout in february 2020,
then at the studio des arts (Grignan) in spring-summer 2020.
Mixed by Pierrejean Gaucher
Mastering by Raphael Jonin
Cover design: Julien Allegre
Graphism: Clément Aubry
Vidéos: Benoît Renard


1 / Vaine agitation – 0’25
2 / Satie’s blues – 5’40
3 / Ecriture totomatique – 0’28
4 / La croisière ça use / le départ – 3’30
5 / Circulation fluide – 1’31
6 / Les clowns dansent – 3’42
7 / Pesée nocturne – 2’09
8 / Gymnopédie n°8 – 4’57
9 / En forme de prune – 1’10
10 / Sad Satie – 2’57
11 / Service coupé – 1’00
12 / L’office des étoiles – 6’23
13 / La croisière ça use / le retour – 4’25
14 / Berceuse pudique – 1’25
15 / Le binocle et le moustachu – 5’15
16 / Sad Franky – 1’37
17 / Danse de travers n°4 – 4’40
18 / Circulation dense – 1’33

Durée totale : 52’40

Visuel de couverture : Julien Allegre

Clip 1/3 –  “Satie blues” (parution le 8/1/21)

Clip 2/3 –  “Sad Satie” (parution le 29/1/21)

Clip 3/3 –  “L’office des étoiles” (parution le 19/3/21)